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Our Happy Clients

“It is personalised. I remember my first interaction. I was amazed. It was not only nutrition related assistance, counselling is also offered. I like that you follow up to see how I am doing. And then, every step is explained clearly which made me even trust the service more. And we pray before and after every session. I love that!”

Ms A. Okoth
- Excessive Weight Gain

“I had very low concentration and was very erratic. The in depth analysis, knowledgeable and easy to follow solutions kept me attending all my sessions. I a m now happy and very hopeful. I lost 9kg in two months and my concentration has greatly improved.”

Mr. D. Gitonga
- Emotionally Imbalanced and Overweight

“I was stressed with life pressures and I could not concentrate on one issue as a priority. Using the e-Lishe-Me tools kits, things became much simpler to handle. When I started prioritising important issues and taking time to go through it. I managed to solve issues stressing me and my blood pressure started normalizing. To date it is normal.”

Mr. Christopher. S
- High Blood Pressure

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Visit after visit of spot diagnosis that is characteristic of the current treatment model is to blame. We guide clients who have been spot treated and spent large sums of money with a comprehensive lifestyle change that enables them to enjoy a healthy, practical and vibrant life for good!

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