Get your health back and live a vibrant life to the fullest!

We’ll help you identify the root cause of your health problem so you can get your health back. With the Lishe-Toolkits you can have your personalised health plan, support groups, seminars and many more at the convenience of your home at affordable costs for life. Which plan are you interested in?

Our Services

Personalized Wellness

Lishe-ME is a comprehensive individualised health plan that seeks to identify the root cause of a health problem using scientific evidence based tools, customise the plan to match an individual's unique preferences and walk with the person step by step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Live Workshop

L.I.S.H.E offers a wide array of group sessions. We have a cancer support group Nutrition Support Group and Diabetic support Group We also have a Professional seminars and Webinars which are organised from time to time.

Free Resources

Lishe-CLUB is the place to be every week to experience, learn and apply simple and practical tips in your kitchen. We make pro-chefs! Learn how. Join our community of chefs and transform your kitchen experience to heavenly.

Our Story

Inspired by the desire to overcome personal self defeating patterns, Lisheleo was created in 2013 to equip individuals, families and communities with practical skills to enable them to live a vibrant healthy life. Simply equipping for healthier lives. With basic tools to conduct business Lisheleo continues to grow exponentially and incorporates evidence based tools to serve hundreds of individuals, families and communities across Kenya. Our passion is to blend the preventive and healing role of nutrition into every medical diagnosis. We focus on equipping not only individuals, families and communities but also the healthcare practitioners with these skills.