Today's Date: 16-06-2019


Group coaching designed for adults of all ages. Lishe-Life is conducted weekly for 2.5 hours for 12 weeks. Are you tired of seeking a permanent lifestyle change?

Struggling with weight? Nutrition Assessment, Exercise Simplified, Nutrition Education, Cooking Delights, Meal planning and many many more..................... Finally, you are in the right place!

Personalised Services

Meet our experts to guide you into a vibrant healthy lifestyle. You will be equiped with practical strategies towards healthy living.


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Community Research

Our team has vast experience in conducting baseline surveys, designing and development of survey tools using the Standardized Monitoring and Assesment of Relief and Transition (SMART),


This is a customised workplace programme tailored to meet the needs of various organisations. Research has shown good nutrition can lower the

risks of lifestyle related disease and increase productivity in workplace.


Lishe-Kids is a school based Nutrition programme that seeks to equip school going children with life-long skills towards healthy living.