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Our Happy Clients

“ I could not imagine myself on medicine all my life. I disagreed with the doctor . Lishe-Me approach through diet. Taking food as medicine and NOT medicine as food worked for me. After about 4 weeks, my sugars were normal. I was happy again. I'm now a believer in proper diet and exercises in tackling health issues. Thank you Lishe Leo for your professionalism.”

Mr James .I
- Diabetes

“ During my treatment I was confused and did not know what to do. There were a lot of dos and don't think no one could give me a proper meal plan. When I joined the Lishe-Life Support Group,I was taken through natural foods necessary in boosting my immunity. This has now become a lifestyle. My family has embraced it too. I also got spiritual, mental and life skills. It is a home to me.”

Ms. Mary .k
- Cancer Support Group Member

“ I was stressed with life pressures and I could not concentrate on one issue as a priority. Using the e-Lishe-Me approach, things became much simpler to handle. When I started prioritising important issues and taking time to go through it. I managed to solve issues stressing me and my blood pressure started normalizing. To date it is normal.”

Mr. Christopher. S
- High Blood Pressure

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Visit after visit of spot diagnosis that is characteristic of the current treatment model is to blame. We guide clients who have been spot treated and spent large sums of money with a comprehensive lifestyle change that enables them to enjoy a healthy, practical and vibrant life for good!

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