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Upcoming Workshops

Lifestyle Disease Management Workshop (5th - 7th March 2021)

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Lifestyle Disease Management Workshop!
This time it is bigger! It is better! Yes, this is an investment of your time! There can be no better way to prepare to navigate the current pandemic challenges than learning the nuts and bolts of lifestyle disease management basics. This is a must attend. Learn from the experts! See you there!!

Lifestyle Disease Management Workshop - Day 1

Day 1


Meeting ID: 896 2240 2447

Day 1 - Registration
Lifestyle Disease Management Workshop - Day 2

Day 2


Meeting ID: 811 6068 5509

Day 2 - Registration
Lifestyle Disease Management Workshop - Day 3

Day 3


Meeting ID: 862 3028 6163

Day 3 - Registration

Our live workshops

We offer two types of workshops. Choose where you belong.

Support Groups

We have three support groups. The cancer support group, the diabetes support group and the nutrition support group.

Live Workshops

Be part of our interactive workshops on various subjects such as lifestyle disease management for professionals, brain optimisation, the way out of depression and many more.


“I was all alone without anyone to share my sentiments as I kept eating the wrong food. Then I learnt from a friend about the cancer support group. Everytime I attend, I am happy, I smile and laugh a lot because we are a family. Am very vibrant now, back on my feet and doing my business. I even forget I have cancer, only to remember when I’m taking medicine. Ha ha ha I really appreciate your products and give God the glory.”

Rose. O - Cancer

“I learnt lifestyle medicine in the Lisheleo organised workshop and have been practicing my plant-based diet ever since!”

Tabitha Adera - Clinical Nutritionist, Nairobi

Join hundreds of our community members and learn as you receive love and acceptance from our family.

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