Confused with loads of information on what to eat or not eat?

We’ll help you filter through the rubble of information, clarify your cancer dynamics to enable you make scientific and evidence based decisions.

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Our live workshops

We offer two types of workshops naemly, support groups and in-person workshops.

Support Groups

We have a vibrant cancer support group, diabetes group and a nutrition support group.

In-Person Workshops

We have interactive live workshops on subjects such as brain optimization, lifestyle disease management and dealing with depression.


“During my treatment I was confused and did not know what to do. There were a lot of do's and don't think no one could give me a proper meal plan. When I joined the Lishe-Life Support Group, I was taken through natural foods necessary in boosting my immunity. This has now bec6ome a lifestyle. My family has embraced it too. I also got spiritual, mental and life skills. It is a home to me.”

Mary. K - Cancer

“I could not imagine myself on medicine all my life. I disagreed with the doctor. Lishe-Me approach through diet. Taking food as medicine and NOT medicine as food worked for me. After about 4 weeks, my sugars were normal. I was happy again. I'm now a believer in proper diet and exercises in tackling health issues. Thank you Lisheleo for your professionalism.”

James. I - Cancer

“I was stressed with life pressures and I could not concentrate on one issue as a priority. Using the e-Lishe-Me tools kits, things became much simpler to handle. When I started prioritising important issues and taking time to go through it. I managed to solve issues stressing me and my blood pressure started normalizing. To date it is normal.”

Christopher. S - Cancer

Join hundreds of Lishe-Life Cancer Support Group members and demystify cancer as you receive love and acceptance from our family.

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